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Refrigerated Warehousing from -18 to +20 Deg Cel

Refrigerated Warehousing from -18 to +20 Deg Cel.

 A temperature controlled cold storage is the key to preserve food and fresh produce that requires to maintain customised climatic conditions such as temperature according to the product requirement. At Arihant we have a robust refrigeration system and technology to maintain the condition of the products.

Temperature control ranges

Temperature: -18 Deg C to + 20 Deg C


Products preserved : Chilled and Frozen produce

·       Pharma

·       Flowers

·       Fruits

·       Dry Fruits

·       Vegetables

·       Seafood and Poultry

·       Dairy Products and ice creams

·       Processed and packed food

·       Chocolates, bakery, beverages  and confectionary products